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Beady AlienBeadwork

This is my latest creation, an Alien for Keberyna on Deviant Art. Check out full details below.

Deviant Art

Deviant Art

See fluffysminion on Deviant Art.
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Sidra: Beadified

As you can see this was by far the most complicated bead thing I've ever made, but I'm really proud of it. I was a bit worried before I started about having the right colours, but I found the perfect pink beads, it was as if they'd been made for him!
Due to the complexity, Sidra's a bit bigger than most of my other bead work, standing 5.5 cm high when on two legs (although he does need to be propped up) and measuring 7 cm from nose to tail. He's still small enough to fit in the palm of your hand though, so he's still not massive.
He stands up on all fours on his own, and is poseable, the wire's stiff enough to hold it's shape when you move it, so he can be made to grab things and fold his wings partially away. However due to the way the limbs are attached there is a limit to how far they can move, and they do prefer to be in certain positions.

This guy was a custom bead commission which I am currently offering for a greatly reduced price, check the link above if you're interested



StargateOroborosMy other designs

Here are some other things I have made, most of them are my own design. If you like these and would like to own it then email on the link above. If there is something specifically you would like then let me know.